7 Must Know Tips for Buying a Comfortable Yet Luxurious Sofa

7 Must Know Tips for Buying a Comfortable Yet Luxurious Sofa
August 24, 2017 Luxury Furniture, Sofa

The Perfect Combination of Style and Comfort

Are your thinking of getting a new sofa for your new home? Or are you ready to replace your old and lumpy sofa at home?

Don’t just go out there and buy the first thing you see! Be informed so that you can find the best, luxurious but comfortable sofa which would fit into your home perfectly.

Finding an ideal sofa for your home would entail a lot of consideration. There are important details to think about for you to be happy with your choice at the end of the day.

From finding a sofa which would match the other pieces in your home to taking to account the dimensions and material of the sofa, there are many things to think about. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a list of the 7 must-know tips for buying a comfortable yet luxurious sofa which can help you in making your choice.

Read on and be guided by these tips so you’ll be ready when you start looking at sofa options for your home.

Important Tips for Buying a Comfortable Yet Luxurious Sofa

1. Know the Size of Sofa You’d Need for Your Space

There are many comfortable and luxurious sofa choices out there in the market and they all come in varied sizes, depending on your needs and preferences. The first thing to do when you’re planning to pick out a sofa for your space is to measure the space you’re planning to place your sofa in.

Your sofa must be able to fit in perfectly in the room you plan to place it in. Buying a sofa which is too big would not be ideal as it would either make your space cramped or it would not even fit in the space you’ve planned for it.

On the other hand, buying a sofa which is too small might make it end up looking out of place in your room. Know the available space you have so you can find a sofa which will fit in perfectly.

2. Match it with Your Space and Your Needs

The furniture and decor in the rooms of your home are probably well thought out and planned. So if you’re planning to add a new sofa to it, you have to think about how well it would go with the rest of the space.

There are different styles – modern, traditional, elegant – there are various styles and types available on the market and you have the option so select one which matches your space and your personal style.

Also think about your sofa needs – this would include the functionality, comfort and capacity of the sofa you will be getting. Buying a sofa which would not accommodate all the members of your household, for example would be a waste of time and money.

3. Find Out What It’s Made Of

It would be wise to think about the upholstery you’d want for your sofa. Choosing the right material – fabric or leather – to suit your needs, would ensure it will last longer.

If you have kids or pets at home, you probably shouldn’t choose a sofa with a light coloured fabric as it might end up looking used and abused in no time. Sofas made from leather or fabric which are easy to clean would be the best choice for you.

Sofa frames also come in different materials: soft wood, hardwood and metal or steel are some options. You can choose depending on how heavy duty you need your sofa to be.

4. Check the Durability, Make Sure It Will Last Long

There are many factors when considering the durability of a piece of furniture and the same goes for choosing the right sofa. Consider the following:

  • Frame: The sofa frame should be strong and stable. A wobbly or creaky frame means it’s probably weak and may break after a short time. The frame of your sofa should also be well and firmly padded so none of it would stick out of the upholstery.
  • Smooth Texture: Feel the surface of the sofa to make sure there are no lumps, bumps or hard spots. These are uncomfortable and would cause your sofa to look old and overused after a few months or years.
  • Padded and Stuffed Well: Sofa padding should be comfortable, firm, snug and resilient. You should be able to sit on your sofa without worrying that the stuffing will move to one side when you sit on it, causing it to looked warped and ugly.


These are the most important features to look for to be able to find a strong and sturdy sofa for your home.

5. Try It Out to See How Comfortable It Is

If you have the opportunity, try out the sofa you plan to buy to see if it’s comfortable enough for you. Some sofas look very comfortable; however they may be too soft or too snugly padded to suit your liking. Comfort is one of the most important things to look for when buying a sofa.

6. Know How Much You’d Be Willing to Spend

Choosing and buying the perfectly comfortable yet luxurious sofa for your home would also depend on your budget. Think about how much you’d be willing to dole out for this piece of furniture so you can narrow down your options. A good tip if you want to save up is to wait for sofa sales and start your search there.

7. Consider Everything!

From the look and feel of your sofa choice, you should be happy with every little thing about it. Considering the smallest details would help you successfully pick out the best one:

  • If possible, ask for a choice of swatches or fabric to take home if you’re not sure what would match your room or the other pieces of furniture in it best.
  • Check the warranty of your sofa and make sure to secure it in a place you’d remember!
  • If you’re choosing a sofa with a pattern, make sure the pattern is consistent throughout the sofa and that it doesn’t have awkward or misaligned spots.
  • Know how to maintain and clean the sofa that you choose.

Finding Comfort and Luxury

Now that you’re aware of the 7 must-know tips for buying a comfortable yet luxurious sofa, you’re ready to go out into the market in search for the one you like the most. Picking a sofa that you’re happy with and which would fit into your space well is fun as long as you know how to go about your selection.

All you have to do now is narrow down your options and find a piece that you’d appreciate having in your home for the years to come. Good luck!

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