Achieve Elegance with Black and White Furniture (why is it a good combination)

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July 21, 2017 Uncategorized

You may think that having black and white living room furniture is dull and boring. But think again. Black and white is an enduring colour combination that never goes out of style. The combination, or either one of the two colours, makes a bold statement. It is classic, always hip, and perfect if you want to achieve the contemporary and minimal look. Black and white contemporary furniture will go well with any wall paint, so you won’t have any problem when moving in to a new home or apartment.

As in fashion, black and white is a favourite staple of interior designers, and is currently one of the hottest trends in interior design. With the right accents, black and white furniture can be used to achieve any of the following looks: chic and sophisticated, masculine, dramatic, art deco, hi-tech, classic, and formal. They blend well with other colours, so that means you can get creative, and go wild with your imagination.

To help you create an elegant look with black and white leather furniture, we have some tips.

· Throw in some colour around your black or/and white furniture.

Black and white are good colour anchors. They make your accents effortlessly stand out in the room. Throw in some restrained colours for your pillows for a muted and understated look. If you want a happier vibe, you can have pillows in bright colours. And nothing is stopping you from mixing and matching colours with this one. For a more monochromatic look, if you have a black leather lounge, throw in some white pillows or vice versa.

You can also accentuate with a rug. A bright colourful rug is enough to brighten your black and white living room. Antique or classic rugs will also do, if you want a shabby chic feel. Or if you want to stay within the colour theme of black and white, throw in a rug in combination of black and white (stripes, cheques, or geometric patterns).

Another way to add some colour is through flowers. Fresh and colourful flowers will surely add life to your room.

There are also the coffee tables to play with, as well as the curtains. Wooden coffee tables are good if you want to achieve a more masculine look, and you can drape the windows with black or dark curtains. Your options in decorating are limitless with black and white furniture.

· Mix in some variations of black and white.

If you want a more subdued space, use variations of black and white. With your black and white leather furniture as your anchor, you can throw in some ivory, cream, vanilla or grey accents for a more luxurious and chic feel.

· Do not use black and white in similar proportions.

One general rule in using black and white furniture is to not have them in equal proportions. Choose one colour that will be your base or dominant colour, and the other one can be an accent. It will be all up to your personal preference which colour you will choose.

· Mix and match black and white furniture.

You can have a leather lounge in white, black table and two coffee table chairs in black at the sides. Not all your furniture have to be all white or all black. But in doing this, do not forget to have only one colour as the dominant one.

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