What is a Chaise Lounge? (why buy one?)

February 13, 2018 Furniture buying tips

Chaise longue is a French term that means ‘long chair’, it is more popularly known in Australia as ‘chaise lounge’. This version came into being when English speakers imported this type of sofa from France in the late 1700s.

Chaise lounges in Sydney furniture shops

Sydney furniture shops offer a wide range of chaise lounges. While they come in many different styles, chaises are all built with the same concept – a long, low, upholstered seat with a reclining back. It is basically an extended chair with a built-in foot rest.

A chaise lounge may have an adjustable back. Sometimes it has one arm, two arms, or no arms at all. Chaises with a contoured back offer a more ergonomic feel. A chaise lounge can be part of a regular sofa or a sectional.

The chaise lounge has always been a symbol of refined elegance. Beauty and function complement each other while providing extreme comfort in a relaxed reclining position.

Living room furniture and beyond

While the chaise lounge is traditionally a central piece of living room furniture, its versatility makes it a nice fit in any modern room.

Chaises allow people to quickly switch from a sitting position to lying comfortably – making it the perfect place to sprawl, relax, read, or think. In today’s Australian homes, you’ll often find a chaise lounge in the study or den, by the fireplace, near entryways, or out on the patio.

Chaise lounges are popular indoors as daybeds or reading chairs. Unwind, watch TV, take a nap, or cuddle up with the kids. Chaises are also great for outdoors if you like sunbathing by the pool or stretching out on the garden.

Creative contemporary furniture design

The chaise lounge combines fashion and function. It adds drama to a room and gives it a luxurious appeal. If you are looking for contemporary furniture design, chaises offer a creative alternative to the traditional sofa-and-chair room setup or the mundane patio chairs-and-table look.

Chaises are décor-friendly

With so many styles of chaise lounge on the market, you can easily find one that fits your décor. Some are padded with cushions, built with ornate wooden legs, fully covered in leather, or skirted for a Victorian look.

Give your living room a facelift by adding a chaise lounge, accent throws or cushions, and a matching area rug to complete the look.

Leather vs. fabric chaise lounges

Couch material is an important part of your sofa buying decision. They have to be able to withstand wear and tear while remaining attractive. Leather and woven fabrics are the most popular materials used for chaise lounges.

Pros of leather

Aesthetics – Nothing can beat leather when it comes to elegance. Leather chaises add an air of sophistication to an otherwise dull room.

Durability. A chaise lounge made of leather does not gather dust, grow mould, or catch fire. Cow hide and buffalo are popular with thicker leathers available as well. Leather stretches over time, giving it a softer and more comfortable feel.

Easy to clean. Minor spills can be easily wiped off. Clean with a damp cloth once a week and apply leather solution once every season to keep the leather in prime condition.

Cons of leather

Difficult to repair. If you have small children or pets at home, you probably have to keep them away from the leather couch. Scissors and claws can cause severe damage to a leather chaise lounge – damage that can be quite difficult to patch up. Spills that do not get cleaned up right away can also leave dark spots that are nearly impossible to remove.

High maintenance. Leather needs periodic treatment to maintain its look. If this is not a task you want to do on a regular basis, then a leather chaise might not be worth the trouble.

Pros of fabric

Unlimited options. Unlike leather that comes in limited colours, fabric chaises are available in hundreds of hues, patterns, qualities, and textures.

Washable. Some chaise lounges have removable top fabric, making it possible to wash and replace the covers.

Cost. Fabric chaise lounges are generally cheaper than leather pieces.

Cons of fabric

Prone to snags. Pets claw on the fabric. Zippers, buckles, and other sharp objects on your clothes can easily pull a thread on a fabric chaise.

High maintenance. Spills are harder to clean on textile. Fabric chaise lounges often require dry cleaning to take out dirt and grit that are caught between the fibres. If not properly maintained, the covers can look old and grubby over time.


When looking for a chaise lounge, always give it a ‘sit test’ to see how it contours to your body. As with any other furniture, always prioritise comfort and quality over style.

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