Classic Chairs – A Matter of Style

What’s Your Style?

Are you thinking about buying new furniture for a new home? Or maybe you’re thinking of getting new furniture to replace old pieces, and want something which will fit in with the existing furniture you have?

There are lots of different types of furniture out there and probably an essential one to have in a home is a chair. Somewhere for your guests to sit when you have company over or a comfortable place to park your keister after a long day’s work.

There’s a multitude of styles available on the market, but let’s focus on the classic style of chairs which are both versatile and have been around for a long time. There are lots of styles of classic chairs out there, to help you out we’ve gathered a list of the best ones which are both functional and stylish.

You Can’t Go Wrong with the Classic Chairs!

Probably the most comfortable space in the house is the living room. You gather there as a family to spend quality time together, entertain your guests, and exchange stories while relaxing. Many of us even lounge around after hours when everyone else is asleep and enjoy the quiet of solitude.

All these activities would be much more enjoyable if you have some classic chairs to sit on which you’d have picked out yourself based on your own style. The best types and styles of classic chairs are listed below. Each one of them is timeless and beautifully designed. All that’s left for you to do is pick which suits you the most!

Lounge and Ottoman

A classic lounge chair comes with a stool which can be sat on, or where you can place your feet for a more comfortable experience. This type of comfortable and classic chair offers a sleek shape while remaining comfortable to sit on. This style is perfect for space with light and simple furniture.

Comfortable Armchair

Immense yet cosy, this type of handsome chair was designed as substantial and oh-so comfortable as you can sit on this kind of chair all day without getting restless. This would go perfectly in more modern types of spaces.

Bubble Chair

This classic yet cool chair, which was made to look like you’re encased in a bubble, would be perfect for a hip and trendy style of living room space, and it could be placed in with similar types of furniture.

Butterfly Chair

For those who love to sit on comfortable chairs where you can sit for hours and feel totally relaxed, this classically designed chair is perfect. A cosy space would welcome this kind of chair well.

Plywood Lounge Chair

Some homes have a certain style which can only be matched with wooden furniture, which is both classy and homey at the same time. In this case, these types of chairs would be a great addition to space.

A Touch of Class for your Dining Room

Having a nice set of chairs for your dining room can also add character and beauty to your home. Sitting in a comfortable yet classy chair definitely heightens the atmosphere and lifts the spirits of whoever dines in your home.

Windsor Chairs

Simple and classic, named because they were first designed and made in Windsor, England, this type of chair is made with stick legs with spindles fixed into a plank seat.

Bentwood Chairs

This style of chair is made by bending wooden materials using pressure and steam. Classic and comfortable, the curves in the design allow for safety as no sharp edges are protruding.

Shaker Chairs

Contrary to what its name might suggest, these kinds of chairs are stable and functional while having a classic look to them. The name comes from the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, commonly known as Shakers, who designed these minimalist chairs.

Chippendale Chairs

Originating with furniture maker Thomas Chippendale, this design is famous for its timeless look and the claw-balled feature at the ends of the legs.

Federal Chairs

These types of classic chairs are probably the most common and widely used as they come in different styles with patterns featuring basic rectangles, shields, and hearts.

A Modern Twist on Classic Chairs

If you enjoy the classics but appreciate the modern style as well, there are options out there which combine the best of both worlds. Beautifying your home with the right chairs which suit your style makes your living space complete. Read on about the different kinds of classic yet modern chair choices out there.

Egg Chair

Sleek yet classic looking, this cosy chair allows for comfort and style and goes perfectly in modern spaces. The egg chair is easy on the eyes and sitting on, or rather, in it, is a whole new fun experience.

Diamond Chair

The classic styled diamond chair, made modern with welded metal which allows for different designs, forms, and shapes is a great addition to your space if you’re looking for a timeless piece with a modern twist.

Shell Rocker Chair

The classic rocking chair with a modern upgrade as its new design made of fibreglass, making it both beautiful and useful. This is perfect for yourself or your family as rocking on it is quite calming.

Womb Chair

Probably one of the most comfortable chairs in the market, this style boasts form and function as it looks both modern and classic at the same time! A chair like this is classic, yet canalso fit in well in a modern space.

Lounge Chair

Lots of more modern looking lounge chairs have come out and some have been made using woven cotton webbing combined with wood, making them look contemporary and timeless at the same time.

Style Matters…So does the comfort!

A vast array of choices out there in the market will definitely allow you to find the perfect classical chair that would fit your style. Style matters! Conceptualising what your living room, dining room, or even bedroom will look like, is such a thrill and finding the right chairs could be such a chore.

But now you have a clearer idea of what’s out there. All you have to do now is find out what you’d like and make your choice! Good luck and happy choosing!

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