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Couch vs. Sofa vs. Lounge - COMO Furniture Australia
December 13, 2017 Uncategorized

What do you call the piece of furniture with a back and/or arms which allows more than one person to sit on it – a couch, a sofa or a lounge? Have you ever asked yourself what the differences in the names are or if there even is any? Some people use different terms when referring to something in particular, and your furniture is not an exception. Often times, this is because of differences in nationality, social status, tradition, or custom. But the synonyms of common nouns we use when we refer to our furniture does not signify anything deeper than preference, and they may be used interchangeably as we communicate. Moreover, slight differences in structure may also be an essential factor why most seemingly similar things have various names.

In this article, we compared couch, sofa, and lounge in terms of linguistic history, use, size, materials and style to serve as your guide when buying in furniture shops.

What is a Couch?

The word couch is actually French in origin. It comes from the verb coucher meaning to lie down. Thus, a couch should refer more to be a bed where you can lie down, rather than just a chair to sit on.

In terms of its features, a couch may have one arm or none at all with tapered back for cushions. It is said that a couch only seats two or three people so it’s also generally smaller in terms of its seat size. The couch is made from an interior frame covered with different fabrics to provide comfortable seating.

What is a Sofa?

Sofa is known to originate from an Arabic word suffah referring to a wooden or stone bench which may be covered with cushions. The term was transformed into what we know to be sofa through usage. In contrast to a couch, a sofa should refer more to a chair than something for lying on.

With regard to its style, a sofa has two arms with a uniform back and is upholstered. As this is more commonly found in most living rooms, more people (four or more) may sit on it than in a couch. Just like couches, a sofa is upholstered as well from a frame. This is one of the similarities they share.

What is a Lounge?

The term lounge has various etymology. For one, it means to recline lazily or lie at full length. This may be the reason why lounge suites are often longer and provide more seats than sofas, depending on the chosen shape and length of the lounge suit to match the room’s structure.

Lounges are also a perfect addition to the living room aside from a sofa and a couch. When your room has an awkward shape, a modular lounge suite may be used to fill the space efficiently without compromising your home’s splendour. Similar to how couches and sofas are made, the lounge suite also follows an interior frame where the fabric materials are upholstered.

Tips when buying a couch, a sofa or a lounge

Whether it is a couch, sofa or lounge, these pieces of furniture are essential in the living room. Here are a few tips for you to consider when buying such contemporary furniture for your home:

  • Know the specific type of furniture you want to purchase by learning their distinctions.
  • Always take into account your living room’s interior design and free space before purchasing any furniture.
  • Head into a trustworthy furniture store to try the product yourself and to narrow down your choices.
  • If you will purchase it in an online furniture store, make sure you pay attention to the text description, measurements, and images.
  • If possible, contact the company and ask for help when buying such living room furniture.

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