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Dining Room Furniture - How to Make It Stand Out
January 24, 2017 Dining Room Furniture

How to Make It Stand Out

Approach your Dining Room with Respect – After All, She is the Grand Dame of all Spaces and the Eloquent Hostess in your Home
We are not talking about museums here, or old, stuffy, places where doors are kept shut and curtains are closed. Nor a place where one speaks in hushed tones. The room should be where the vibrant conversation takes place, where get-togethers with your nearest and dearest happen. This is where your family gather for that special time together: dinner time. Where good conversation is key and food is eaten with respect. It is where your culinary skills are showcased and it is where guests are made to feel comfortable and welcomed. Or so it should be. The new trend in home design here in Australia is to use this space both functionally and creatively by opening up that old museum to a more modern and open plan kitchen/dining area. But whether you have an open plan or a separate dining space, it is always best decorated as a showcase of your personal unique style.


Get Rid of TV-Trays and Other Bad Dining Habits

The furniture you have in your dining room will most likely be there for a very long time. It is a big item purchase and of course should be a reflection of who you are now and in the future. You cannot just go out and change it when a new style grabs your attention, so to keep things contemporary or chic, consider changing the surrounds and accessories without breaking the bank. And remember TV dinners are so passé. Quality is what we need in our lives and a lovely dining room that has been creatively done will add so much of this to your life.
Good luxury furniture shops here in Sydney can help you in your choice of furniture, as well as advising you on how to update your accessories so that you can keep this room looking stylish.


Measure Your Treasure

As in all things – correct fit matters. Before you rush off to buy your new dining room furniture here are a few tips to consider:
The layout of the space. Remember fit and function, add to that some comfort and you are off to a winning recipe.
You need at least 90cm to 1m from the table to the wall to ensure that your dining room walls are not scraped and paintings are not knocked off when a guest pushes out a chair from the table.
You might love the table you found at that luxury furniture shop but if it does not fit into the layout, it will not be comfortable to eat around.
You need space to get in and out and not elbow your fellow guest. (Even though you may want to – remember that you are being gracious at this table). You will need about70cm between each dinner.

Guide to choosing the dining room table size

seating guide

A Tradition Worth Keeping Fresh – How to Make Sure Your Furniture Sails Past Its Sell-By Date

After you have taken the time to consider the dining room furniture pieces you need, whether it be via luxury furniture shops or online furniture shops, you can then focus on the surrounding décor of the room and the accessories you like. Don’t be afraid to add contemporary accessories to modern furniture, or modern lighting to traditional pieces.  Whatever works for you, is what is important. 

Attention is What All People Want – 15 Ways to Grab It in the Dining Room

Some ideas that will help you being creative and make your dining room furniture the centre of attention.

  1. Colour makes the dining room.

    Be bold in painting a back wall in emerald-green, liven the place up with a sunny, warm, egg yolk yellow, let in light with whiter than white feature wall. Mix colours to give a modern feel, pastel greens with hues of grey.

  2. For a classic/contemporary look.

    Use neutrals, but bring in freshness with the addition of metallic accessories and wood accents.

  3. Paint old wooden chairs or add covers to upholstered ones. 

    Slipcovers work wonders and are easily cleaned.

  4. Add collections of old colourful china plates on the walls.

  5. Look at sprucing up all the walls and don’t forget the ceiling. 

    Add modern cornices and paint the celling a beautiful vibrant colour. Add some beams and give depth to the room.

  6. Lighting is hugely important in the dining room.

    Not too mute and never too bright. Not ostentatious but always eye-catching.

  7. If you have found the perfect dining room table and are battling with matching chairs, don’t panic. 

    An array of interesting chairs can make the look more contemporary and fun.

  8. Nothing in the room should be too stiff…

    so your seating can be modern and your table traditional, or vice versa.

  9. Accessorise, but don’t clutter.

    Use a table centrepiece as you would your jewellery; different ones for different occasions will add glamour and elegance.  Collect table runners, candelabras, flower vases, and porcelain ornaments to add depth and interest to the table.

  10. If you have not as yet collected those works of art that you want on the walls, wallpaper can do wonders.

    You don’t have to paper all the walls, perhaps one focal wall will suffice. Geometric prints on the walls will give a modern feel to your collection of dining room furniture.  Classic floral will add a cosy ambience.  Tie this theme in with a floral arrangement on your dining room table and voila, you have a classic comfortable look.

  11. Add some cosiness and texture with a big rug under the dining room table.

    It will not only warm up the room, but it will add some elegance to the floor.

  12. Personalise. Personalise. Personalise.

    Add all that is uniquely you and feel confident about it.  The dining room furniture does not need to be the centre of attraction, you do!

  13. Add some nature.

    Always have fresh flowers or a plant that will bring the room to life.

  14. Consider a mirror on one of the walls to reflect light and add a glamorous feel to the room.

    There is nothing more relaxing than candlelight shining in the reflection of a mirror.

  15. Creative wine storage solutions in a dining room.

    Displaying your wine collection will add to the cheerful ambience and of course to the conversation.

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