What Dining Table Shape Should You Go For?

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September 11, 2017 Dining Room Furniture

Finding the perfect dining table is quite easy, especially when you know exactly what things to consider and what suits your lifestyle. As much as these dining tables should be functional, they should also be a right match to your area, adding to the visual feel of the room. To help you decide what to get, here is a list of the common dining table shapes you can choose from.

The rectangular dining table

Rectangular-shaped dining tables are obviously a traditional choice, but at the same time, well-fitted to modern-type homes and offices. Almost every furniture store you visit will most likely contain this kind of dining table because it is timeless and classic, making it popular.

Rectangular tables are ideal for both small and large spaces since they can be easily squeezed in. If you prefer to buy one for your home, try choosing a narrow one so it does not appear too formal. Having a narrow rectangular table will bring you and those you dine with closer together, making this shape perfect for adding a touch of warmth in your place. Some of these tables come with extendable features, too, so you can free up some space after dining, or extend the table when extra seats are needed.

These tables can definitely host a handful of people, and at the same time, can be a visual treat since they emphasis the dimensions of the room. If you plan to buy a wide rectangular dining table, make sure to pair it with casual, comfortable chairs so your dining room doesn’t look like a meeting room.

The oval dining table

An oval dining table is a contemporary furniture design. This kind of table brings some sense of celebration to any meal – be it dinner with guests or lazy breakfasts with family.

If your dining area is wide enough, you may opt for an oval table with pedestal legs. However, if you want a sleek and modern feel, consider more contemporary-inspired oval tables. These are perfect when matched with plain stools that can be placed under the table themselves. That minimizes visual clutter and makes for more space in the room.

Oval dining tables are perfect if you are often receiving unexpected or last minute dinner guests as with its design, you can easily create space for last-minute guests.

The round dining table

Narrow rectangular dining tables are great for encouraging closeness to one another, however, there is nothing better in that aspect than round dining tables. You see, rectangular dining tables will bring you and your guests as only close as their dimensions allow. However, with round tables, you can be sure that you can all hear and see one another.

Simply put, this kind of table is for those who want to provide an atmosphere for good conversations with family and friends over the course of a meal.

The square dining table

Contemporary style furniture also includes dining tables that are square in design. They are pleasing to the eye, but are enhanced when balanced with round centre pieces.

Although they can be really stylish, they can consume large spaces. This is the reason why it’s a poor match for small rooms.

Let COMO find the dining table that suits you

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