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August 10, 2017 Office Furniture Tips

If your company is something that has with clients, partners, or visitors, in the office a lot, or if you just would like to provide for a breathing space for your employees, then it is a must that you invest in a well-conceptualised office lounge. Designing your office lounge is not as difficult as you think. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Create a relaxing feel in your office lounge

Because this is a breathing space for your employees and a waiting area for your visitors, you may want to consider creating an ambience of comfort. You can do this by first picking two to three colours you wish to design your lounge with. Try sticking with neutral colours – like grey, white, or beige. Then, depending on the nature of your business, include a little accent by adding either cool shades or bold hues.

Cool shades are advisable for companies with a large workforce. According to studies, green and blue colours provide for a sense of calmness and peace. Because of the busy everyday task of your employees, you can make your office lounge a haven where they can relax and be at ease for a while. You just need the right hues.

On the other hand, bold colours are ideal for businesses involved in advertising and the like. These shades help your company make a statement and be easily remembered by your clients. Catching attention is the key, but it still comes with maintaining the comfortable ambience of the office lounge.

Finally, as much as is possible, avoid loud patterns around your lounge, or else, visual clutter might be a concern. Practice minimalism and just display some art pieces and a few plants to energise the place.

Furnish the place with quality furniture

Try browsing through furniture stores online and look for a wide range of designs intended for comfortable lounge seating. Usually, the details of their products are posted on their websites. However, if you wish to see the actual furniture, you may also visit their actual store or showroom. Make sure to invest in furnishings that cannot be questioned in terms of quality. It is better to settle for those that are relatively pricey but will last long, rather than those that are cheaper but easily damaged.

You may also consider contemporary furniture designs. They will create a stylish feel in your lounge without losing the professional look of the place. It is ideal that you place a table in the area so your guests and employees can use their laptops.

Your choice of colours has a say in the overall feel of your place, yes – but your choice of furniture will say so much about your company. The quality of your couches, tables, and chairs will most likely appear as a reflection of what you are as a company.

Display your licences, certifications, or awards

Since the office lounge is an area of high-traffic, it is a great avenue for you to display your company’s qualifications and achievements. This way, you assure your clients that you are professional and adept in your field of business.

You can display the most recent awards your company have. Do not bother hanging every single one of them – just the most important ones!

Let COMO help you find the right furniture for your office lounge

With our different kinds of quality furniture, our team will help you find the right one for your office lounge. Contemporary furniture is a great investment for any company looking to make their business known. Contact COMO today and see our range of top-of-the-line German and Italian sofas, chairs, tables, and more.

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