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February 22, 2017 Theme Décor

Incorporating a theme into the décor of any room in your home can be a fantastic idea! Although, if executed with little thought, it could turn into a disaster.

Many people fear that giving a room a theme will make it more likely to become quickly outdated and end up costing you more than you originally planned. Many people also fear that a themed room can be cheesy or overdone. If done poorly this could be the result. On the other hand, a theme may help to bring unity to your living space and show guests that you have invested not only money but time and thought into the aesthetics of your home.

Before you get started, take a look at the room you are decorating to determine how much space you are working with and then choose a theme. It is best to choose a theme that you have a connection to, something that you know and love. This will make your themed décor sincere and give visitors a view of your personality from another point of view.

Theme Ideas

Helpful hints to get you started

1. Unique personality

Your home is an extension of yourself and should portray your unique personality. Keep this in mind when choosing your furniture, curtains, rugs and artwork. If you have a small budget, start small by adding throw pillows, a painting or simply a new rug. Changing even the smallest accessories can add to your theme.

2. Element

Use a single element as the focal point in the room and subtly spread the theme throughout the room using colours or fabrics. You can even design a whole room around a single element as the focal point. Walk into the room and see where your eyes land first and place an artwork there. Use a secondary colour from the artwork to complete the room, tying all the elements together for a unified look.

3. Refresh the room

Refresh the room you’re redecorating by moving around some of the furniture you want to keep before adding a few finishing touches, like new curtains or a lamp shade.

4. Make a statement

Make a statement without going overboard by introducing three key elements: a colour, a fabric and an object, like an art piece or an ornament.

5. Colour palette

When choosing your colour palette, think of the mood you’d like to set for that particular room.

Red for the dining room to stimulate interesting conversation or grey and blue for the bedroom for a relaxing place to recharge.

6. Artwork

A key rule when choosing your artwork is not to add a piece simply because it fits the theme but should be something you actually love. Remember, it needs to reflect your personality. You should also take your time to collect items that fit your theme rather than adding things that fit the theme but are not to your taste. At the end of the day, they won’t truly belong if you don’t love them.

7. Always aim for genuine and authentic items.

Look for items to add to your collection at antique stores rather than commercial stores in order to find unique, one-of-a-kind, collectibles.

8. The golden rule: less is more.

Rather display the best of your collection than an entire collection to avoid clutter and showcase the only best, most meaningful and beautiful pieces, ensuring your décor really shows off the theme.

Theme Ideas


Whether it be on the activity of travel or a particular culture you have come across in your own travels, this theme can work perfectly for you. Don’t go wrong by adding iconic building replicas, but rather furniture pieces or artwork from your chosen country. For a French themed room, for example, avoid an Eiffel Tower model and rather opt for a delightful painting of a typical French street.


Are you the type of person who loves the outdoors? Why not incorporate your love for nature into a themed room? Elements of birds, plants, and flowers coupled with some lovely earthy colours, like browns and greens can bring a serene feel to your space. Fresh green plants not only brighten up a room but bring many health benefits too. Indoor plants are proven to prevent illness, improve air quality and increase productivity. Pair freshly cut flowers with wooden furniture for a delightful nature-themed room. Stone, glass and shell pieces also go really well with this theme. Avoid anything plastic and this theme can be very flexible, using many elements from other themes.

At the Beach

The most popular theme in beach houses has got to be the nautical theme. It’s a simple theme that keeps your space fresh and bright, while not dating easily. The crisp and clean colour palette of blues, white and a touch of bright red are a classic combination paired with some rope accents to make you feel like you’re at the ocean. Be careful not to go overboard with the anchors, though!


The modern or industrial look is a more dramatic theme. Metal as a popular component can be paired with bold colours, patterns, and textures to achieve this. With the addition of dramatic lighting and heavy, dark wood elements, rich fabrics and luxurious leather accents can really make your space come alive. Mirrors are a great additional element to increase the drama.


Rustic décor is closely linked to the natural theme; bring organic elements together to create a relaxing space in your home. Combine earthy textures like tree bark with the browns and greens of nature to excellently execute this theme. Accents can be brought in with stone and slate elements and some metal, such as wrought-iron, as well as wood. Be careful not to add to many accents as this could make the room cluttered and over-power the low-key feel of the rustic theme.


If you’re a sucker for bright colours and vintage pieces, then the retro theme is just for you. The great thing about retro is that there are endless options. However, with options comes possibility for disaster. Rather than diving head-first into decorating, do your research first. Pick a specific era and stick to it. You don’t want to be mixing bright primary colours of the 60s with shaggy rugs from the 70s. Be consistent with the time period and you can pull off some incredible retro-themed décor. Scout out your local second-hand thrift shops and vintage stores to find the unique pieces to finish off your space.

Children’s rooms

Themes in children’s room are always a winner! But avoid overused themes, like cartoon characters and opt for something that will still be appropriate in a few years. Some great ideas include: under the sea, astronomy or an enchanted forest. A creative room will inspire their imaginations.

Adding a theme to your décor doesn’t have to be crazy or cheesy. Remember that less is more and choose things that you love, and your home will not only be where you sleep but where you live.

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