Picking Furniture: Aesthetic vs. Functionality

Furniture: Aesthetic vs. Functionality - COMO Furniture Australia
October 12, 2017 Choosing The Right Furniture

While browsing an online furniture shop, you’ll be exposed to all the different products and pieces that you can choose from. Picking the right furniture for your place might see you torn between the visual treat of a piece’s aesthetics against its overall working functionality. At first, you may know what you want for a couch or for a table, but come other options, you might be swayed. As such, it’s best to know how to weigh the two most important deciding factors in furniture-picking. We hope this article can serve as a quick guideline for you when picking furniture.

Furniture aesthetic and what comes with it

It is undeniable that a lot of buyers strolling around a furniture store look first for an appealing aesthetic. This is followed by an evaluation of the functionality. After all, that is what aesthetics are for – to draw attention. By looking at a furniture’s size, shape, colour, texture, and pattern alone, you will most likely know the best contender for purchase.

The colour of the furniture plays an important part in the decision process. No one wants a sofa or a table that does not match the décor of the room thus creating a feel of clutter, or maybe a gloomy mood. So, prior to purchase, you must know what colour your furniture should be. Should it serve as an accent or should it be neutral?

Furniture patterns are also as essential as the chosen hues. For instance, a minimalistic room filled with nothing but greys and whites might need a little drop of pattern to give it life. With that, you may opt for wood-patterned tables and/or cupboards. However, it should be noted that if too many pieces have different patterns, or if the patterns are too loud, it creates a busy room that is hard to relax in. You do not want your place to be visually cluttered.

Another part of the aesthetics are the size and shape of the piece. Sure, the furniture might be the perfect colour for your home or your office, but if it hardly fits in the place, you’ll need to be open to other options. A highly attractive desk or sofa is nothing if it occupies too much space and takes over the whole room.

The functionality and purpose of the furniture

While carefully choosing the colour and size of your furniture is crucial, picking an effective and fully functional piece is also vital. Sure, aesthetics area main concern because these are the things you get a sight of every day. However, the purpose of the furniture piece should never be overlooked.

Suppose you have found an exquisite cupboard – perfect in size, shape, colour, and pattern. You know it fits your home and it matches your flooring and wall painting. But have you asked yourself if it can fit in all the things you need to store? The cup board is aesthetically perfect – no doubt. But even so, you should not forget to check if it will function well for you.

Another example is when you purchase a lovely-looking desk for your office. See if there will still be space for your legs. Check if there will be enough drawers for your files.

Even contemporary furniture designs like sofas and lounges should be assessed in terms of their functionality and purpose. The aesthetics of these pieces is definitely spot on. But if it is meant for resting, then it must be comfortable enough to sit on – even take a nap on!

Balance aesthetics and functionality. Get expert advice from COMO today.

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