Summer Style for Your Trendy Home

Summer Style for Your Trendy Home
February 22, 2017 Summer Style

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘summer’?

Do you think about the beaches, the scorching heat of the sun, or perhaps the feeling of excitement because it’s vacation season once again?

Whatever the case is, summer is one season that everybody looks forward to. Many go to the beaches to swim and sunbathe, some just go outside to play under the sun, while others host summer parties with their friends and family members.

If you are the latter, the type of person who likes hosting parties, summer is the perfect time for you to redecorate your home so that your family and friends can feel the vibe that summer has to offer while enjoying yummy food and thirst-quenching drinks right in your home.

Summer style

Here are some tips for decorating your home during the summer:


1. Go wild with colours.

Summer is known to be a colourful season, think of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, or even white. These hues can definitely make your home feel warm and sunny, two words to best describe summer. Don’t overdo it, though. If you’re taking these colours to your wall, painting it with yellows, oranges, or greens, the furniture and accents have to be toned down when it comes to colour. If you’re painting your wall with an orange or yellow paint, why not buy a sofa in white and pair it with some colourful pillows that will complement the wall’s paint?

You can opt to have your walls painted in white instead and your sofas in bright colours, such as sunny yellow or summery red, for that punch of colour in your living room. You can check out more options at a showroom for easier shopping and wider selections. Make sure to put some plants on your table setting as well to balance the colour scheme with something green and earthy.

2. Bring the beach right inside your home!

That is, following a beach-themed decoration for your home. Beach and summer just go together, don’t you agree? If you love going to the beach or you would love to go to the beach but you can’t just find the time, why not decorate your home with beach accents and colours?

Paint your walls in white or in pastel blue, replace your living room furniture with some refurbished wood tables and chairs that are painted in cream, and stock up on beach trinkets such as beach rugs, colourful woven baskets, and pillows in different colours and styles. Adding a pop of colourful on your cream-colored furniture is both stylish and warm.

3. Go nautical!

Does cruising remind you of summer? If cruising is your cup of tea during the season, you can use this as an inspiration for your summer decoration at home. Decorate with stripes; blues, whites, and reds are all you will need for a nautical-inspired summer home. Exchange your colourful pillows and bed covers for stripes. You can also add some accessories to decorate your home for that nautical feel by adding framed maps or vintage flags to hang on your walls.

4. Think earthy.

Summer doesn’t always have to mean colourful. If colourful is not something that you’re comfortable with, why not stick with earth tones?

Think whites, creams, browns, greys, and greens. These colour palettes are easy on the eyes but make you all warm inside. Against a white or cream wall, wood furniture and decors in green and grey will surely stand out. The colour palette is classy and classic that it can last yearlong with minimal redecorations needed throughout the year. You can mix and match them with other primary colours, as they are easy to complement with.

For summer, however, you can still add a little bit of red and yellow in your decorations. Bring in some indoor plants for a more natural feel. Indoor plants don’t only make your home feel homier, they also help in purifying the air that circulates inside your house, definitely a good bonus if you ask us!

5. Pastel hues.

Taking the vibrancy of colour that summer has to offer down a notch, you can opt to invest on pastel-coloured furniture or accent if you are planning to decorate your home for this season. Pastel colours are great to work with because they are also easy to complement with, since they are not overpowering on the eyes so you are more likely not to overdo the decoration.

Walls can be painted in pastel colours, while your furniture and decor can also come in light pinks, blues, and yellows. When everything is already in colour, trying adding a hint of white in between to balance everything out. You can also opt to have your wall painted in white while and accessorise with pastel colours, your call! You can also check out for pastel-coloured sofas that would go well with your summer decoration.

6. Let the natural light it.

Since summer means sunny, why not take advantage of the natural light and let it in on your house? Earthy and pastel colour decors around the house will go so well with natural light. You can even buy indoor plants for decorations around the house since they can take advantage as well of the abundance of the natural light during the season. This theme is refreshing to look at, warm on the feeling, and will help you save on your electric bill!

Earthy and pastel colour decors around the house will go so well with natural light. You can even buy indoor plants for decorations around the house since they can take advantage as well of the abundance of the natural light during the season. This theme is refreshing to look at, warm on the feeling, and will help you save on your electric bill!


Whatever your preference may be, there is surely something for you when it comes to decorating your humble abode during the summer season. If you are not into bright colours during the season, you can opt for earthy tones for decorations. If you are outgoing and love colours, you have the choice to go wild with bright colours or perhaps you can tone it down by choosing pastel hues.

You can also decide to choose themes when redecorating, be it a nautical-themed home or a beach-themed one. It’s all up to you, really; summer means being carefree and adventurous!

Don’t forget, though, that redecorating doesn’t have to mean that you have to spend a lot to get the results that you want. You can stick with your current furniture and wall colour, and just buy small accessories or smaller pieces of furniture, such as chairs or side tables, to bring that summer feel right in your home.

Do some research on the internet if you are having problems with mixing and matching your old stuff with new ones, and do some trial and error. The important thing is that you are having some fun while redecorating!

After all, summer season is all about having fun and making the best memories.

Don’t let redecorating be a pain to you. You can ask for help from your family and friends when and let decorating be your bonding activity for the summer to make new memories with!

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