Veranda and Deck Design Ideas that Will Match Your Outdoor Furniture

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March 10, 2017 Outdoor Furniture

Design Ideas

Outdoor entertaining is part of the Australian way of life. Whether you love to throw summer afternoon bbq, al fresco dinners, or garden parties, it is important to have a stylish and presentable deck and a veranda that will match your entertaining prowess.

If you have a front veranda and deck, it is even more essential to have it well designed, as it serves as the face of your home. A lifeless and poorly designed veranda and deck will give your home a drab and boring feel. Make a statement with contemporary furniture for your veranda and deck. Then add some accents that will bring out your home’s character and personality.

Below are some simple design ideas to upscale your veranda and deck, and give it a new look and a beauty lift.

  • Hang planters to your front veranda.

Make use of the vertical space available to beautify your veranda. Hang a row of flowering plants to add life to your veranda and deck. Choose flowers and pots that will complement your outdoor furniture and bring out its beauty, you can also add potted plants and flowers to create a mini tropical paradise for your veranda and deck.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it. If you want hanging plants, stick with it. If you want potted plants, then just go for potted plants. You don’t want your veranda to look like a jungle and have the plants crowd out your furniture and guests.

  • Add outdoor screens or shutters.

Outdoor screens can be used as for privacy or as protection against sunlight. They can also be used as a backdrop to your statement piece of outdoor furniture. Stick with unpatterned colours, as a loud, print can clash with the surroundings and will seem like an eyesore.

White louvred shutters can do also do the job and can be a chic addition to your veranda.

mood lighting

  • Add pergolas to extend your veranda and deck.

The pergolas can protect you and your visitors from the harsh sunlight when you are lounging and relaxing in your deck chairs. You can choose between non-flowering climbers and flowering ones. If you want a simpler and structured look, go for non-flowering plants. But for a softer look, you can use bougainvillaea shrubs as your climbers. Choose the white variety for a chic and clean vibe. Its blooms are also long lasting, which is a plus.

  • Install string lights over open decks for mood lighting.

If you have open decks that you use for al fresco dinners or outdoor parties, consider mood lighting. Install string lights. They will not only to light up space, but they will also give your deck a romantic and warm vibe.

If you have free standing decks, have shady trees surround your outdoor space, Not only will they provide protection during the daytime, but you can also attach string lights or Japanese lanterns for mood lighting.

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