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March 27, 2017 Sectional Sofa


When it comes to designing your living spaces, especially your living rooms, it is necessary to consider a lot of factors. You’re looking for furniture that does not just complement the whole room design, but also fits the space of the room that you are going to put it into. It is also important that you place the furniture in the room with an eye to ease of access and comfort.

The sofa is one of the centrepieces of any living space.

It is where your family lounges during ordinary days, and where you entertain your guests during special events. With the wide range of sofas, it is just natural that you want to choose a sofa that combines the quality of use, comfort, aesthetics, and dynamism.

One of the most popular contemporary furniture design nowadays is the sectional sofa. This is a kind of sofa with a variety of parts that you mix, match, and combine in order to fit not just the design, but the space of your living area as well.

Main elements of a sectional sofa

As mentioned, a sectional sofa is made up of two or more parts. Sectional sofa owners decide which parts of a sectional sofa they want to include in their house, and they combine these parts in order to make a grand sectional sofa design.

Sectional sofa shapes are either L-shaped, U-shaped, or semi-circular shaped. Below are some of the main elements of the sectional sofa. Combining these elements will make up the shape of the sofa that you would like to have.

1. Main sofa

One of the staple elements of any sectional sofa is the main sofa. Usually, the main sofa is a three-seater – that is three seat cushions under three back cushions. They typically have two arms at both ends but are also available with no arms. The main sofa of a sectional sofa can also have only one arm, either situated at the left part or right part. They are called Left Arm Facing (LAF) or Right Arm Facing (RAF) sofas respectively.

2. Loveseat

A loveseat is designed to fit just two people, which means that it is composed of two seats. Loveseats can either have two armrests, one armrest, or no armrest at all.

3. Chair

A chair is a part of the sectional sofa which seats only one person. It can have two armrests, one armrest, or no armrest, depending on the design.

4. Recliner

A recliner is a seat that is usually placed near the loveseat or the main sofa. This is done in order to make the seats longer. Recliners can have two armrests, a single armrest, or no armrest at all.

5. Corner wedge

The corner wedge is the piece of a sectional sofa that is usually put in the corner, hence the name. This part of the sectional sofa is inserted in order to fit the sectional sofa into the corner of the room. Usually, corner wedges have no armrests.

choosing a sectional sofa

Things to consider when choosing a sectional sofa

First-time buyers of sectional sofas often get overwhelmed with the choices available. Because of that, they often just purchase whatever parts of the sofa they deem useful and try to place it in their own homes without thinking about it. However, before you purchase a sectional sofa, there are some things that must be considered first.

  • Consider the space and the floor plan of your house.

The first thing that you need to do is have a floor plan of the place that you would like to put your sectional sofa into. Once you have that, plan the spaces which are open for the sectional sofa, and choose the parts which can fit into the space of your living area.

  • Place the parts of the sectional sofa strategically.

Sometimes, homeowners get excited about the design of the sectional sofa that they neglect the fact that not every design fits the room that you want to put the sofa into. For example, placing a recliner or loveseat near the entrance or doorway of the room is not advisable, as it will block the main entryway and will become an inconvenience for those who would want to enter the room.

Basically, it would infinitely be better and more convenient if homeowners take the placing of the sectional sofa parts seriously, and think about the ease of access to the room when designing the configuration of the sectional sofa.


Let us assist you in your sectional sofa needs

With the vast amount of combinations available to you, a sectional sofa is definitely a living room furniture that will give your home a dynamic contemporary furniture design. It is, therefore, necessary that when thinking about purchasing one, you choose a furniture store that does not just offer you myriads of choices, but also those of quality as well.

Como is one of the best furniture stores in Sydney. We have years of experience when it comes to providing quality furniture, and our vast selections of furniture will make your contemporary furniture shopping experience more exciting and fun.

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